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Fun and cute little game!

hey your game was in one of my recent videos 

Cute little game, nice house, very short.  Since there's not much to it, there's not much to say, but it was a fun short little experience.  This is the first in a group of 4 Christmas games.

Cool Game

Great grafics

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How do i play the game? i cam dowload the game but how do i play it

The decorations are beautiful but the game is short ;-;

Very Christmasy game. Great looking just very short. Nice little game for Christmas... :)


it's boring but festive


I can't beleive this has been up for so long and no one has posted any comments.

Well, I had a play and did a video and thought it was great. Well Done DEVS




Thank you for playing!Nice video and I'm now your follower on YT! :)


Thank You Diegogu and I'll sub back bud.